Sash Window Renovation


I am able to draught proof, re-cord and refit existing sash windows. I am also able to repair any decay within the timber using a special resin.

I can build new replica sash windows that are fully draught proofed and double glazed for customers that are concerned about the cost of heating their home. These windows can fit the existing window box and they look just like the original!  The picture on the left is a set of three windows that i have just built and fitted into the original box. The main advantage of using the existing box is that it saves disturbing the decor of the room, but still allows you to have a much more energy saving draught free window.

I am able to use double glazed units within my windows that are specially treated in the factory to reflect heat back into the room, so this means more saving on your heating bills!

The windows I build are spray painted by me in my workshop with a special micro porous outdoor paint that gives excellent weather protection and finish to the windows.


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